ADV3S production and services are oriented by the most advanced scientific and technological approaches in the field, aiming at providing the customers with suitable sensors and modular distributed monitoring systems as effective tools for dynamic modeling of Historical and Cultural Heritage monuments.

ADV3S sensors are able to satisfy the most stringent request in the field not only in terms of broadband and sensitivity, but also in terms of compactness, directivity, modularity and cost, making them the ADV3S the perfect choice in the field.

The Neptune Temple Monitoring System is one of the most relevant successfully projects of Adv3S.

The system, commissioned by the Archeological Park of Paestum, has been conceived, projected and implemented by Adv3S as an innovative fully distributed and modular Data Acquisition and Archiving System equipped with the most advanced seismometers produced by ADv3S for this typology of application (SE-10 model).

The whole system allows, in fact, not only an easy configuration, implementation and maintenance, but also easy changes, sensors number increase such as their positions optimization, according to the data analysis results.

The system is remotely controlled by a standard interface developed by Adv3s that allow the complete control of the whole network and a real-time data presentation. The data can be accessed through standard Ethernet Network.

Another measurement campaign has been performed on one of the most important and well preserved monuments of the Roman Empire, the Trajan Arch in Benevento.