The research and development is aimed to provide the most advanced solutions, state-of-the art at scientific level and to modularly customize them to satisfy the requirements of a large range of application. This approach s guiding principle on which the company is based on, that allows all our products the possibility of a full customization with high quality products but at affordable costs, meeting the different needs of our customers.

This approach of research and development allows us to provide both the best solutions possible for our customers and to contribute to science with papers on journals and presentations at scientific conferences.


Our components and instruments are designed to maximize performance and minimize cost, but with a careful attention to compactness, robustness and lightness of the instrumentation, that is very relevant for scientific and civil to make sure we get the results that we (and our customers) will be happy with. 


We use and develop new techniques for effective implementation of the mechanical and electronic components of our sensors and systems, collaborating for the serial production with the most advanced factories in their field.


Our sensors and systems are provided with basic soft6ware for a very simple operation and for an easy int3egraton within larger networks using free software. Our approach is valuable for our customers, which have the possibility of integrating our sensors and systems in every network.