The design philosophy behind our sensors development and production privileges performance, quality, robustness and modularity. This idea, result of more than 30 years of activity and expertise in scientific research, is translated in our standard and application-oriented products

All our products are modular. They can be assembled, modified and customized according to application requirements to implement products of different sizes, weight, sensitivity and band, perfectly matching the very different needs of the scientific, commercial, industrial and educational market.

The heart of our products is based on the innovative UNISA Folded Pendulum Technological Platform, for an easy and effective design, simulation and implementation of low-cost mechanical monolithic oscillators. Each sensor is the result of an optimized integration of our mechanical oscillators with commercial or custom readouts, acquisition, processing and data transmission boards, also wireless.

The acquired data sets can be transmitted analogically of digitally using communications standards (Ethernet), making easy the ADV3S sensors integration in geographical distributed networks and with open-source software.

ADV3S commercializes both completes sensors and monolithic mechanical oscillators, to provide the customers also with the possibility of developing and implementing their   own sensors.